World's Only USDA-certified Organic Omega-3 DHA

World's Only USDA-certified Organic Omega-3 DHA

Fish-free, allergen-free, no GMOs, and glyphosate-free



Essential Nutrient

Omega-3 (with DHA) is beneficial for brain and eye development, playing a critical role in human wellbeing and optimal growth

Suitable for All

Plant-based and allergen-free, Eversea Omega-3 DHA is suitable for all, including plant-based diets and people with fish/shellfish allergies

Save Fish, Save the Ocean

By producing our product from algae, we can save millions of marine animals and eliminate any risk of ocean-based contamination


A new kind of Organic Company!

A good thing for you, the next generation, and the planet

A good thing for you, the next generation, and the planet

More Information

The only Organic Omega-3 DHA to support your child’s full development, plant-based, grown without chemicals or solvents, and zero contact with toxic ocean pollutants

The Best Product Possible

Unique - Great product and 100% organic

I bought this for my 4 year son and I am happy that I found 100% organic, probably is the only one organic on the market. He has been using it for few months and the results are great, he is feeling overall great and healthy. The taste is also great. He loves it!

Adrian J

Eversea’s game-changing organic omega-3 DHA products

DHA is essential for the brain and eye development. This is something you want to consume on a daily basis.

Max Goldberd, author of Living Maxwell and Organic Insider

Not that bad of taste and plant based!!!!

I was wondering how I was going to get my toddler to get in omega oil in. Of course she isnt going to take fish oil. These have the shape of those little orange slice candies. That made these enticing for my toddler. They have a slight fishy taste, but nothing too bad. These are organic and made with simple ingredients. I also love the fact that these are allergen friendly and plant based! I will continue to buy especially with such a great price point!!!

Momma Shark


Are Eversea’s products certified organic?

Yes, Eversea has received both USDA and EU organic certification.

What does organic certification actually mean?

Eversea worked with QAI (Quality Assurance Institute), an American company that is designated as an Organic certifier by the USDA. They confirm that all our processes are well-controlled and our ingredients (and any facilities) we use have been certified as organic, non-GMO and produced without chemicals or irradiation.

What does organic mean?

Organic products are Non-GMO and produced without chemicals or irradiation. Organically farmed products are produced without man-made fertilizers, pesticides and/or herbicides. The facilities producing or processing organic products also will be chemical free, including pest control, and only organic-approved cleaning materials are allowed. There is debate about the levels of nutrition when conventional and organic are compared, but we believe this is a false argument. Organic is more about what you don’t get in your food or supplement – you don’t get chemicals and you don’t get GMOs.

Where are Eversea products made?

Our fruit slices and our patented Nanuq Omega 3 ingredient are produced and grown in Germany. Both have been certified as organic by the EU. The drops are packaged in California.

Are Eversea products vegetarian or vegan-friendly?

Eversea products are made from algae, which means they are totally plant-based and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

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